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Christmas Tree Care
A well cared-for Christmas tree can stay fresh
and healthy for several weeks. 

  1. If storing the tree before set up, keep it in a protected, cool area.

  2. Loosen and shake out old brown needles. Brown needles inside is normal, but they should be removed. If below -15 º C, the branches will be brittle and break easily. Warm the tree. Reach in the tree and loosen the needles around each whorl of branches. With both hands on the trunk, hold the tree horizontally and shake the tree up and down.

  3. When setting up the tree, cut ½ " or more from the stump.

  4. Use a sturdy stand with a large water reservoir.

  5. BALANCE is more important than straightness. When secure in the stand, tilt the tree each direction. If it tips easily one way, readjust the tree in the stand.

  6. Do not add anything to the water.

  7. NEVER let the tree run out of water or the butt will seal and the tree will go dry. At first, check the tree daily.

  8. If possible, keep the tree away from heat sources.

Christmas Peek

Waiting For Santa

Shearing a Christmas Tree


The Superior Tree Stand has a 1 gallon reservoir and will accommodate any tree.

Measuring for Tree Stand
Hook chain above the bottom whorl

Fitting Tree Stand
Attach guy-lines to chain
while holding stand with your legs.

Adjusting and tightening tree stand
Tighten guy-lines.

Balancing Tree
Tip the tree all four directions
to test for balance.