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Facts about Christmas Trees
Did you Know?

  • The trees on this farm produce the daily oxygen requirements for more than 300 people and can remove about 200,000 kg of pollutants per year.
  • Trees are acknowledged world-wide as one of the greenest resources for absorbing excess carbon dioxide that is contributing to climate change
  • It takes 9 to 15 years to grow a Christmas tree from seed.
  • Most purchased Christmas trees come from one of two sources:
    • Tree farm where trees are grown as crops and provide employment in the local community.
    • Factories where artificial trees are made from plastic and metal in a foreign country.  They can not break down naturally so they fill our land fill sites for centuries
Got Our Tree

Special Moments


  • Real Christmas trees are completely recyclable.
  • Real trees are not always perfectly shaped, but each is unique.
  • Real trees last a month or so after they are cut. But the one you buy next year will look even better and your family will remember the experience for a lifetime.
  • Real trees that are fresh, cleaned, and properly watered will lose few needles.
  • Watered, freshly cut trees will not support a flame.